Muddy Buddies

I completely forgot about this snack until Sharon reminded me.  As soon as I read her post, all I could think about were those dang muddy buddies; all the times I made them for girls camp, sleepovers, and even late nights with my roommates at college.  I've been trying to "be good" and stay away from sweets until Thanksgiving.  Bah - I just couldn't resist!  I had all of the ingredients except for the Chex cereal.  But lucky for a cheapo like me, most grocery stores have an off brand.  Score!  My husband was pretty stoked when I surprised him with a LARGE bowl of powdered heaven after we put our kids to bed!  Please make these.  They're fool proof, delicious, and easy to eat the whole bowl in one sitting.  Ha!  What is one of your favorite childhood sweets?

Muddy Buddies
9 cups of chex cereal (rice, corn, or honey glazed)
1 cup of chocolate chips
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/4 cup of butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups (maybe more) of powdered sugar
2 grocery bags
(don't eat the grocery bags! lol)
Pour 9 cups of cereal into a large bowl.
Pour one cup of chocolate chips into a glass liquid measuring cup. If you don't have a few of these, they're totally worth the investment. Several baking items that require a "double boiler" are much easier to dump into a liquid measuing cup and then microwave.
Microwave on high for one minute.

Add peanut butter, butter and vanilla. Stir.
Place back in the microwave for a minute.

Stir. It's important that it's smooth and thin - easier to mix with the cereal.

Pour over the cereal. Stir together.

Put one grocery bag inside another (you don't know how many times the bag had a whole in it...powdered sugar everywhere!) Fill the bottom of the bag with one cup of powdered sugar. Dump the chocolate covered cereal into the bag. Dump 2-3 more cups of powdered sugar on top.

Close. AND SHAKE!!

Dump back into the bowl. And begin eating!!!

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