Hello and Welcome!

I'm Tiffanie and this handsome fella next to me is my husband, James. 
We have two children.  
I'm lucky enough to stay home with my children all day!  
Sometimes it's a little crazy but I definitely wouldn't change it for anything.
I obviously love to cook and eat.
I have loved food from the second I was born, no joke.
When I was young and we would leave the house,
I would always ask my mom:

I'm good at following recipes, and then tweaking them.
I like to believe I'm good at creating different meals.
I'm determined to keep processed and packaged foods out of my house 
- but sometimes a bag of frozen chicken nuggets or a can of creamed soup might sneak in.
No one's perfect right?!

I'm one of those girls who talks to her Mom and siblings almost everyday 
and I drive my husband crazy by singing about everything.  
We love to play outside.  
I wish I was an avid runner with a rocking bod 
but I just can't seem to prioritize exercising over eating :)  

And that's about it.  
So take a look around.  
Leave comments, write down some recipes and don't forget to join this page as a follower!