i discovered the avocado


Everyone around me was eating them.
They were kind of becoming the "new" healthy thing to eat - add it to your sandwich, salad, eggs, whatever.
But I just couldn't do it.
I had tried guacamole a LONG time ago and hated it.  And because of that I didn't touch avocadoes.
Then my cousin's husband, Moroni, made me guacamole.
I. Was. In. Love.
For the next couple years, every time I saw him, I would beg for more guacamole.
I started buying avocadoes just to make that very specific guacamole.
And within the past 6 months, I've actually started using them in my recipes.
Let's just get to the point.  I love avocadoes now and when they're not sitting in my yellow produce bowl, I'm disappointed. (Do you have a produce bowl sitting on your counter? You should.)
SO...in honor of me FINALLY coming around and joining the bandwagon, we're going to have...

And just for a teaser...add avocadoes to these already Will There Be Food There recipes.
Acapulco Chicken

*avocado pic from here: original picture


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love avocados!!! I can't wait. Also, veggie burritos are now totally on my menu for next week. It's vegetarian month at the Thomas home.

    1. Adam does love avocados, but I have never heard him squeal in delight. Sorry that was me.

    2. Seeing his face and what he wrote...made my whole day. You should have let me believe that was him. Ha! Good luck with veggie month! Tell me what you're making all month!