how we grill our chicken

(I should really call this post - How we grill our chicken when I'm lazy and have no ideas and it's 4:30)

I have hardly cooked this summer.  I'm sure you've all felt the same way. 
If I can't grill it or chop it up into some kind of salad, I won't make it.
So here is the NUMBER one thing we've been eating all summer.
Barbeque chicken with a little marinade James(the hubby) came up with himself.
What's even better, is this recipe has been tested and loved on steak and pork chops.  So mix it up and marinade whatever meat you love most.
It's the easiest recipe.  And when you read it, you'll laugh.  But I promise, it's a whole new flavor and it's delicious.
1/2 barbeque sauce
1/2 Italian Dressing
That's it.  Pour it into a bowl with your defrosted meat.  Let marinade for a few hours or just grill it.  And while you're grilling it, brush more sauce onto meat.  Enjoy!

*And a shout out to Crystal.  Thank for motivating me once again to have a go at my food blog :)

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  1. Do you want to know what is SAD? We haven't grilled this whole summer. I want to try this! It sounds soooo good. Way to go James.