what have you done with peaches?

Peach season has come and is almost gone.  I. Love. Peaches.  This is what I did with mine.
A local grocery store had a 22# box for 11.99 one Friday.  I went and bought a box, a case of jars, sugar and pectin.
1. I brought it all home and made 3 batches of jam.

Jam is super easy, I promise.  I follow the recipe exactly that's inside the pectin box.  I boil my lids and jars in cake/bread pans on the stove while my jam is boiling.  And instead of water bathing my jam, I turn my jars over after I tighten the lids.  After a few minutes, I flip them back over and listen to them pop which signified they're sealed :)

2. Then I canned one batch of peaches.

This was my first year canning peaches and I was nervous.  But guess what?  I totally thought it was easier than making jam.  I did have to borrow my friends canner.  How I canned my peaches:
I filled the canner with enough water so when I put my pint size jars in, the water would be about an inch over the jars.  Then while I waited for that to boil, I put my jars and lids in the bread/cake pans to boil as well.  Next, I washed and began peeling the skin off of the peaches.  If they're not ripe, blanch them for just a minute.  A pillow case works great!  Dip the whole case into the canner for about 60 seconds, then pull it out and the skin comes right off the peach.  I put the peaches facing down into the jar.  I made a syrup mixture: 1.5 c sugar and 5 cups of water in a saucepan and when the sugar dissolved I began pouring into the jars over the peaches.  Topped off the jars with extra warm water so it touched the bottom of the rim.  Tightened the lids and placed them into the boiling water in the canner.  I boiled for 30 minutes.  Pulled them out and set them out to dry and seal.  They all popped :)

3. I made this heavenly peach cream pie

I got the recipe from this blog.

4. We ate a bunch,
5. I sliced up two sandwich bags full of peaches and put them into the freezer for smoothies.

The End.

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  1. I made freezer jam, froze two bags for smoothies, made a peach pie, peach syrup and we ate two or three a day for a week! Oh, fresh peaches with almond milk and a little sugar = heaven.